biarkan kamu semua yang npak HEBAD. sy brsyukur dgn diri sy sekarang. TQ ALLAH

Amanjaya MALL

.berehat sebentar sambiL minOm AyAq meLoo with myLoveLy.
sayang awOk La baby. muhahaha.


Thank you 2011, for a wonderful year,
filled with magical dreams and whimsical hopes,
tears of happiness, and of sadness,
meeting amazing new people, deprived the ones I love,
although you have been ticking 
yourself away swiftly and smoothly,
thus making me unbearable to keep up with you.
It was fun, it was sad.
But it's okay. I learnt alot from it.

And now, I would gladly welcome, 2012

Wait, wait.
Am I ready?
I hope I am,
to go through whatever obstacles that may occur,
whatever wrong turns I might take,
and whatever split roads that 
would make me 

choose on where to go
and what to do after that.

Please please make me stronger than I am now,

and don't let me forget the little things that are important to me.
As I know I would learn more,
Gain something, lose something else,
a new hope, or a new dream,
A new friend, or a new nemesis.

More or less for whatever may happen,

I hope to stay strong, and be strong.
zahir dan batin.